Athens Games Festival

Athens Games Festival 2017 have been held in Athens from 27 to 29 October. It is the first edition of this international congress organized by the General Secretariat of Media and Communication of the Greek Ministry of Digital Policy.

As part of Arsgames research group I have been invited to giving a talk with the title”Playing With Data - Games of The Commons (Goods)“.


Data, today is one of the most valuable goods. Open data are strategic assets referring to issues as transparency, democracy and free access to information for the public sector. But Data also tells a lot of stories.
Arsgames proposed to think of open data as raw material for video game creation, by generating creative strategies for integrating open data into the development process.

In this talk, we present Games Of The Commons (Goods), a project by Arsgames that aim to expand the creative possibility of open data towards game creation and playful data visualization.

GotC is a project developed with the support of Barcelona Municipality grounded on open codesign model merging the game dev community with the local social movements.

With this project, we aim to think of video games as common goods and way to connect the social and the digital domain.